GARGANTE Agricola Nevio Scala

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GARGANTE Agricola Nevio Scala

Gargànte is our most joyful wine, an expression of the first harvest of only Garganega grapes grown in compliance with the biological balance of the vineyards at the foot of the Euganean Hills.

After the soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation in the tank occurs spontaneously, without the use of selected yeasts. The refermentation in the bottle takes place by combining the sparkling base with a small percentage of passito must at bottling, without adding sulfur. Enjoy it, as we do in making each of these bottles.

Gargante di Nevio Scala is a sparkling wine obtained by refermentation using the ancestral method, that is, adding the raisin must before bottling, which naturally triggers a second fermentation. The scent expresses notes of yeast and fresh fruit, framed by light herbaceous aromas and is revealed in a fresh and enveloping sip, with excellent softness and a revitalizing effervescent texture.

Region: Veneto (Valbona area)

Grapes: 100% Garganega

Color: Veiled straw yellow with abundant foam

Bouquet: Hints of yeast, white fruit pulp, references of aromatic herbs

Taste: Full, soft and satisfying, with an enveloping effervescence