PARALLELO 41 Tenute Sella & Mosca

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PARALLELO 41 Tenute Sella & Mosca
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PARALLEL 41 Sella & Mosca estates

In the Parallelo 41 chalice it is shown with a bright and charged straw yellow color, enlivened by pale gold reflections. The nose offers pronounced and intense sensations of acacia and broom flower honey, citrus peel and tropical fruit, framed by varietal notes and vanilla notes of wood. In the mouth Parallelo 41 is a structured and soft wine, with great personality, characterized by good freshness and strong sapidity. A full-bodied and balanced wine, with fine aromas, of great persistence.

Region: Sardinia

Grapes: Native and international TORBATO and SAUVIGNON white berried grapes

Color: Straw yellow

Pairings: Parallelo 41 is a white with great character but which at the same time is capable of demonstrating great versatility: excellent as an aperitif, perfect to accompany an important moment, perhaps accompanied by oysters and raw razor clams, at the table it will stand out with appetizers such as warm seafood salad or with salmon and avocado tartare, with refined first courses such as carbonara di mare or with complex second courses such as seared amberjack fillet with herbs with burrata stracciata.